Friday, January 28, 2011

For the sake of real love



His Angel
How many of you fellas can say that you've experienced true love? Not just any love, real love. The kind of love that only a real woman can offer to a man. This love is very unique. Its in a class of its own. It can be just as and in some cases stronger then the love you have for yourself. It will make you do things you have never done, I will make you grow as an individual, and it can save you. For those fellas that don't believe that this kind of love is not likely to affect you, you are sadly mistaken. This love will find its way to you when you lease except it. I am a living testament to this phenomenal feeling. I was at my lowest when God decided to send me my true love. Little did I know that the woman God sent had been through just as much as hell and tribulations as I did. Both broken and on the verge of giving up, we decided to take a chance and step out on faith. I had no idea that I was going to fall for her the way I did. She took me in, a complete stranger, and accepted me for who I was. She believed in my dreams and has help to keep them alive. I have never had this much love and support for one person. She gave the two things I've always wanted, a dedicated woman and a family. I owe my life to the woman that holds my heart dearly. She never once asked for anything in return. All that she has done was from the kindness and generosity of her heart. To have a woman hold you down like this is, what man wouldn't want that? Not once has she done me wrong, strayed away, or betrayed our love. She is perfection in my eyes. It is as if God sent one of his angels to earth to reform me in his image, to use us as an example to show that no matter how many obstacles try to hinder the love he has placed in your heart, it will always find a way to triumph and be victorious. For those of you how do know what I'm talking about, ask yourself, what would you do to hold on to the connection you have with your true love? Any and everything, right? I know for damn sure that I'm not letting anything or anyone come between me and the love of my life ever again. whatever you are doing to keep you love strong, continue to do so.
The Man

Written by Jonathan Williams For Nekita Jackson

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Numero 3 y 4

Yes the title was my little skill in the Spanish language....Now that I have explained that I will apologize for not giving you something to read yesterday. Today/Tonight there will be a treat for your indulgence and that is 2 scoops of our current topic.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert just merely giving my advice from experience of myself and others.

3. Are men able to decipher between a good real woman and a promiscuous woman? If so how? Do we(women) show signs?
      This is a difficult question because each man and his perception of women will be different and each culture/ethnicity of woman is different.  I believe this whole heartedly, a real good man can see a real good woman period.  When he does something happens when he meets her, there is no second thought of who she is, he becomes a man better than the one he knew he could be and all the while she has the same transformation; the two of them mesh together with ease. A promiscuous woman only satisfies a portion of a man, one that does not lead him to a greater good where as a real good woman will satisfy a man as a whole.  As far as spotting these floozies (yes I did say that lol) it is often easy but sometimes difficult because even a wolf can wear sheep's clothing. 

4. It has been said by many men that African-American woman are too strong-minded and often neglect to allow a man to be a man. How do men want their women to act in a relationship?
           I will agree with this statement but with explanation. Yes most African-American women are quite strong-minded, there is nothing wrong with that because in most cases these type of women want a man that is going to match her and I will go as to say gain some control. Honestly men would like their women to act as women and let men act as men. This is easier said than done for women who have been raised to be strong-minded/willed. Unfortunately African-American households are the highest rated in single parent led, what does this mean for our women? Well when a mother who is strong passes these traits down and if she has a daughter then she too will grow up to be as strong as her mother and any other woman that was positive in her life; this in turn creates the women we are speaking of now. This particular woman learns to live without a man but has a hard time living with a man or letting the man be a man. No good man wants his woman barefoot, pregnant without dreams that is real.

*there is an exception to every rule and every group

I hope tonight was a good read and stay tuned for more. Don't forget these topics, answers and questions are merely platforms for engaging conversation so read them and take them for your own as you tell others to stop by.

-Wise Craft

Monday, January 24, 2011

20 questions minus 11

So here we are on day 2 of the 10 day adventure that we are taking. Yesterday the question about the reason of why men cheat....once again I will say ALL MEN DO NOT CHEAT!!!  Now that we have cleared that up shall we move on to the next question???

Disclaimer: I am not an expert only answering from experience and the experience of others

How is it easy for men to say all the right things but don't mean it??
To start I will keep this shall we say tastefully raunchy Adult (go ahead and try to stop me). All's fair in love and war; every team has a home-field advantage in which they can achieve extreme success. In all fairness woman are able to have men think whatever when it comes to the idea of sex; a woman can make her man think he is better than any pornstar or the best she ever had (yes that was a Drake reference). Now more seriously it is both fortunately and unfortunately that men are able to say what some women want to hear.  The main reason is that this type of man knows what strings to pull or buttons to push with women to get his end result.  Sometimes men are able to take advantage of women who are vulnerable, or the man has mastered this craft (that is not a pun) or possibly just maybe he really means all those right things.

Once again enjoy, read, comment, and implore others to read and do the same.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

20 questions minus 10

"Why is it that men lie and cheat? Why be in a relationship if not ready?"

Pretty interesting question right; I would stake my reputation that lets say 4 of 5 5 of 5 women have asked this question.  And what is the reason behind this question you ask;SEE WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS.....
a friend of mine had been answering the questions of women via video and sent me a few he could not get to.  Unfortunately my camera has not been working so instead of speaking I will be typing. I have 10 questions to answer and for the next 10 days I will be answering them. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT ALWAYS RIGHT JUST 89% OF THE TIME AND I AM NOT AN EXPERT JUST EXPERIENCED.

Now back to the question above (opinions to the answer may vary)
Why is it that men lie and cheat? Why be in a relationship if not ready?   
          Well not all  have this trait and the trait is usually reserved for the romantically/intimately immature.  Many times cheating come from lust and/or opportunity.  The woman that a man cheats with will either do things his girlfriend or wife will not do, the woman he is cheating with was considered unattainable or he just has no respect for the woman and the commitment (which may hint at some deeper insecurity and so forth and so on). The lie is simple he does not want to be caught or if there is a sliver of guilt he does not want to hurt the one he is with.  The reason that males jump into relationships unprepared is to keep from losing what he enjoys; now this is more than just him being able to readily have sex when he wants but just the feeling of knowing that this woman has his back.  The other reason sometimes men think that they are ready for it and unknowing to their conscious mind they are not; the issue for this can be good or bad but still unresolved.  Now with all of this said, not all men cheat just those who are unable to grasp the idea of one woman and one man. 

Now that question one is down look out for the other nine and if you have a question please feel free to leave a comment and ask it and I'll be sure to answer to the masses.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dynamics what is their job?

The best part of having friends as a self-proclaimed writer is the inspiration that you draw from them. For instance a few of us gathered together one night for a while and had a chance to converse.....and enjoy a "beverage" or two.  All having experienced similar yet different upbringings (although all of our parents know one another) and different experiences of love and life the conversation was easily steered.  Being the individual I am, I tried to course the direction to my liking not realizing that conversations of men and women about our dynamics do not follow course but become a living being of its own.  The conversation grew into an experience that would leave me mentally exhausted with a couple of my senses overloaded.
The conversation began talking about Steve Harvey's book, although it was a best seller, it does catch some flack for some of its ideas.  (I have not read it so I cannot say good or bad)  The conversation was initially easy to control for one question led to another with intelligent and viable opinions but it was when the conversation took a turn for the more sexual did I lose control ,becoming more of a spectator rather than participant, as this snowball began to roll.  I say spectator because the dynamics of the people (four males and two females) shifted just enough for actions and responses to be noticed more overtly.  Comments became more personal rather than open ended with a pseudo generalization and even more directed.  Actions became more animated with just enough detail for a silhouetted mental visual and engaged attentiveness became stolen glances.    
So did the dynamics between the men and women in this conversation change because of the conversation about the dynamics of men and women?!?! Of course it did and do you blame it, lets be honest you have two attractive sistahs and two well groomed single brothas that enjoy women in every way.  SO what is this post about simply that no matter what anyone says there will always be an underlining reason for men and women be them black, white, puerto-rican, etc to talk about relationships, sex and love.  Is this to say that women and men cannot discuss these topics without have an ulterior motive; who am I to say but from observation I will say its possible but not often likely because in the end we all want to impress someone with our intellect and thoughts, whether it is ourselves or others especially in the matters of of the heart...Hell why do you think I do it LOL.  

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A new direction......but not before I have some fun

Dear readers, in my daily commute of travels I was thinking hey this blog may not be deep enough.  So along with the ideas and the observations of the interactions of men and women I do believe its time to take a new direction. WAIT NO SO SOON; yes I know that is what you are thinking but why do something that you can do with anyone instead of share something you think all deserve.  

Now wait before I take this better (in some opinion) direction I must take on a statement that left me a bit perplexed given the context and the situation.  This is a bit of a disclaimer that this could be offensive to those who are super sensitive or extremely PC aside from that you will enjoy the rest of this.  The setup for the comment goes as follows; A group of individuals, 4 women and 2 men, were having a conversation about the movie TAKERS.  One of the women began to tell the rest of group about the movie and how there was plenty of eye candy for women of all races.  One of the guys says "that is wrong, how is it that you don't acknowledge that gay men would also enjoy looking at the characters as well".  Yes this man was serious, I do not have an issues with people who are gay/lesbian/bi-sexual or whatever the choice maybe but lets go through this situation in bullet point form.
  •   The man that made this statement was a straight man, married actually
  •    There were no gay males involved in the conversation 
  •    The male that made this statement was very serious about what he said 
For anyone reading this I hope that you too can find the humor in this post because myself and a few others will.  Why would this man make such a statement for a population that was not present in a conversation that was not a political or life changing topic.  I understand that as a society specific lifestyles/cultures are left out of conversation but it works visa-versa; trust me if this was a conversation was had amongst more men than women and it was the woman that made this statement she too would be laughed at here.  The opinion at this point is that people can be overly sensitive about topics or in situations that really do not deserve the attention because there are plenty of other meaningful issues in the world that you sir and madam can focus your attention.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So lets break down your stupidity


I would usually greet you with some form of Salutation << (that was it) but I am quite excited to tackle my first action and verbal assault on people of good sense. As anybody who keeps up with national news has heard about the Mosque that has been planned to be built in Times Square.  Now I know that many American's have a feelings about it both ways but WHO IS THIS JACKASS.  Dear Sir who are you with the handle bar mustache that looks like the father from that TV show about Choppers. I must say that for a person to want to burn the holy writings on another must have a screw loose or two. Trust when I say there are some books that I had to read between High School and College that should be burned but its really not worth the effort; so whats YOUR reason for burning the Quran? Wait cause its connected to a religious group that has some fucked up individuals well hey show me a group that doesn't and I'll give you a picture of your mom in bed with barney (YES I PROMISE THAT). Either way as American's we do have some super cool things called freedoms and I say we should all take part in them but do not and I repeat DO NOT go over board or will be arrested for something that will be on the front page of the paper (everything that happens in Vegas, or Florida for that matter, doesn't stay there)